Athletics have long been a part of Hurricane Middle School. It is becoming harder and harder to find coaches to coach our students. There are some years that we have almost had to cancel a sport due to lack of coaches. Although coaches are paid a stipend, this does not begin to pay them for their hours of dedication and mentoring that they provided to our students. People that coach want to do it and we applaud them! PLEASE NOTE - The administration at HMS will not discuss playing time. If there is a safety issue or a mistreatment issue, we need to be made aware of that situation immediately after it has been addressed with the coach and not rectified.

     Officials for athletic events are also becoming harder to find. This can be an abusive job for very little pay. Many officials like working with kids and like to stay active. Many of the officials have been officiating in this area for the last twenty years. If you would like to become an official or referee, classes are regularly offered and there is plenty of work available. HMS has very talented athletes. Parents and fans should never blame a loss on an official’s calls. Although a call may have an impact on the outcome of the game, there is always something that could have been done differently that contributed to the loss outside of the officiator’s call.

      The use of profanity at a game will not be tolerated. Anyone using profanity will be asked to leave. Chants that sound like curse words, but aren’t, have no place in a middle school setting. Singling out other students is also inappropriate. We are Hurricane Middle School. Please come out, have fun, and positively support your team.